How Pretty Simple
Came To Be

Pretty simple app screen shots
I’ve always been a pretty organized person. After 15 years in the digital marketing world, my team jokes that I have ‘systems for my systems’ and tracking leads is no different. From running an agency to business coaching to motivational speaking, I still have to keep track of potential sales. From expensive complicated CRM's to pen and paper I could never find a way to track leads in a way that made sense to me. So I made my own solution.

I use the same concepts in Pretty Simple in real life, but since I didn’t have this app, I categorized the leads in the notes app in my phone or on a whiteboard. Sure, having the pipeline is amazing, but the REAL power was in seeing the dollar value of each lead. It was much more motivating to do my sales work when I have $25,000 sitting on the table.

So why did it become an app? Honestly, the multi-step process done manually was cumbersome, and honestly just not that exciting. Over the last few months, the stars aligned, my business partner and I had the energy and resources and shared vision, and so Pretty Simple was born!

I'm Sharon Gutierrez

I'm a business coach, international motivational speaker and best selling author. My mission is to help millions of small business owners around the world track their leads, close more business and be inspired to move their business forward! You can connect with me directly on Facebook and Instagram where I am usually posting every detail of my life in my stories!
Sharon Gutierrez