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I’ve always been a pretty organized person. After 15 years in the digital marketing world, my team jokes that I have ‘systems for my systems’ and tracking leads is no different. From running an agency to business coaching to motivational speaking, I still have to keep track of potential sales. From expensive complicated CRM's to pen and paper I could never find a way to track leads in a way that made sense to me. So I made my own solution.

I use the same concepts in Pretty Simple in real life, but since I didn’t have this app, I categorized the leads in the notes app in my phone or on a whiteboard. Sure, having the pipeline is amazing, but the REAL power was in seeing the dollar value of each lead. It was much more motivating to do my sales work when I have $25,000 sitting on the table.

So why did it become an app? Honestly, the multi-step process done manually was cumbersome, and honestly just not that exciting. Over the last few months, the stars aligned, my business partner and I had the energy and resources and shared vision, and so Pretty Simple was born!

I'm Sharon Gutierrez

I'm a business coach, international motivational speaker and best selling author. My mission is to help millions of small business owners around the world track their leads, close more business and be inspired to move their business forward! You can connect with me directly on Facebook and Instagram where I am usually posting every detail of my life in my stories!
Sharon Gutierrez

Core Values + Mission

Pretty Simple Tech is a small business, created by solopreneurs Sharon Gutierrez and Monty Morgan. Pretty Simple is a Latinx + Woman + Queer owned business and we are proud of who we are and what we stand for.  We are here to not only serve our customers but also build up and empower our team, whether it is interns, freelancers or employees.

Pretty Simple Mission:

To increase success in the lives of small business owners by inspiring productivity through beautiful, simple and affordable apps.

Pretty Simple Vision:

To create a library of apps designed to help small business owners with productivity and mindset, paired with free content and community curated to guide them through their journey towards success.

Pretty Simple Core Values:

We have seven key core values that help guide growth, decision making, and day to day operations. They are: prioritize inclusivity, create impact, always do your best, openness in communication, collaboration in action, and tap into your passion.

Prioritize Inclusivity 

We believe there is opportunity and better chances for success when there is diversity. We celebrate our differences and encourage authentic expression across race, age, gender, physical or mental ability, religion, identity, and experiences.  

We stand proud in the state that black lives do matter, we believe in a woman’s right to choose, and that same-sex marriage should be legal. 

In Action: We hire based on attitude, passion, and professionalism rather than education and connections.

Create Impact

 We believe that whatever goals we have and the steps we take to achieve those goals should have a positive influence beyond ourselves. 

In Action: Continuously ask if what we are doing creates a positive impact. Does each feature create an impact for the end user? Does each post create impact and provide value for our online community?

Always Do Your Best:

 We believe that it is important to do your best in all that you do. We should put in the effort to continuously improve through experiences and education. We also believe that based on many variables, including mental health and social stressors, that our best may look different from day to day. Bringing the best version of yourself includes being willing to grow into being better. This may look like constantly acquiring knowledge to be better skilled at something or, looking for the best ways to achieve a goal.

In Action #1: Ask if I am doing my best in each aspect of the job. What do I need to do better?

 In Action #2: If you need time and space to do your best, we encourage any team member to communicate their needs and take time off as needed, and not overwork themselves.

Openness In Communication

We believe in openness in communication. We always welcome new ideas, new insights, and new ways of doing things. We also encourage communicating openly about our feelings, capabilities, and concerns.

In Action: It could show up by being open to testing out new content ideas, graphics, etc. It could also look like me being open not feeling well or needing additional direction about a task.

Collaboration In Action: 

We believe that working together takes people the farthest. Asking for help when we need it, working based on our strengths, putting heads together to figure things out, being willing to help, looking out for each other, and stepping in when needed. Also taking other people’s feedback into consideration before making decisions. We are building something amazing and to do that, we need to be a community working together towards a common goal. 

In Action: Proactively looking out and helping other members of the team. 

In Action: Know that everyone has something special, unique, and valuable to bring to the table.

Tap Into Your Passion: 

We believe that there is great value in having genuine care for what we do. It is core to being inspired, more creative, and motivated even when you or your business are at low points. We encourage each team member to evaluate their connection to our goal. 

In Action #1: We hire based on passion. 

In Action #2: We encourage discussion on why we are connected to the core values and goals of Pretty Simple Tech.  


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