The #1 Affordable Lead Tracking App For Solopreneurs

Pretty Simple is a leads tracking app for the very small business! This app was built by solopreneurs for solopreneurs. Super easy to use, affordable, and beautiful interface, this app is for YOU!

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Never lose another sale

You are losing money. I guarantee it. You are busy running your business and providing the services your clients need because that’s why you got in business! You love what you do, but today we get leads from dozens of places: Facebook, LinkedIn, Referrals, Networking, Websites, Instagram and it’s a lot! So what's the solution? Stop using complicated (ugly) software and track leads easily with Pretty Simple. 

Pretty Simple Features

The key features are tracking leads and referrals, organize your pipeline by the temperature, easy charts and visuals to see how much money is in your pipeline, PLUS automatic reminders of when to follow up. In every step of the development process we stood by these core values: Simple, Pretty, Helpful and Accessible.


Is it simple to use? Can we avoid a steep learning curve or complicated integrations?


Is it beautiful and inspiring, an app you could be excited to look at every day?


Does this app truly solve a problem for business owners? 


Is this app created and priced in a way that every soloprenuer or small business would be able to use this tool to grow their business?

Top 10 Industries

Who Is Pretty Simple For

If you are a small business owner or independent salesperson, you need Pretty Simple.
  • Coaches
  • Realtors
  • Website Designers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Architects
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Sales Consultants
  • Branding Consultants
  • Construction Companies
  • Cleaning Companies
Following up on a lead with pretty simple
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