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You have been invited to the Founders Circle for Pretty Simple: A Motivational Leads Tracker App. One of the things that set us apart is that I genuinely care about YOU. Every aspect of Pretty Simple, from app design to using YOUR photos for our blogs, is about YOU because I know we crave community. The Founders Circle will be a long-term container of support, motivation, feedback, and relationships for Pretty Simple. 

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So Far

This is our story

When my business partner, Monty Morgan, and myself started developing Pretty Simple in May 2020, we had no idea of the potential that it could become. Covid had business slowed to a crawl, current projects put on hold, and while he was in Hawai’i, and I was in Atlanta, we brainstormed ideas of what we could work on in this unprecedented time. 
Pretty Simple was just a series of sketches I had written out, again and again, an idea of a simple but beautiful app that I could use to track my leads, get reminders about follow-ups but also get motivated to take action by seeing how much money was on the table. In over a decade of working with small businesses, following up and tracking leads was one of the top issues, and together, we felt like we could solve this problem. 
In June we launched our beta, only promoting to our circles and 2 micro-influencers, and it was a success! Not only did strangers sign up, but they paid to be in the beta! This model isn’t popular, but we felt we needed to prove this concept and that required cash. After running the beta for several months we Realized that the number one requested feature, push notifications, were simply not available on our current platform. After discussing our app with a multi-millionaire dollar startup tech founder and a venture capital liaison, we decided two things. Yes, this was totally a thing, and that we were going to fund our own development. 
After investing thousands of dollars and weeks of work, Pretty Simple is almost ready! We estimate our app to be available in Apple Stores in early March 2021. 

What does this mean for you

We need you! For the next step in growth, it will be critical for us to get our first 100 subscribers in a short period, ideally within one week. If Pretty Simple is an app that you would find beneficial for how you do business we are asking our Founders Circle for the following: 

  • Sign up and subscribe to Pretty Simple during the first week of launch (there is a 14-day free trial, then it’s $4.99 a month) 
  • Leave an honest (hopefully 5 star) review in the apple store within that first week. 
  • Give us feedback for what features you want in version 2, which we believe will be released fairly quickly. 
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Hold On

Here's what you get

Besides warmth in my heart forever, we are offering our Founders Circle the following: 
  • Listed on our website with your photo, bio, and link to your site! (SEO bonus points!
  • Your photo used on one of our blogs
  • A quote from you and a link on one of our blogs 
  • Access to both founders for questions, brainstorming, or sales advice! 
  • First, invite and special recognition in our private Facebook group which will be available for subscribers as a place to network, celebrate wins, and learn!
  • A FREE 4-week Sales Masterclass built with the core values and strategies of Pretty Simple. (Date to be announced once the app is live)  
Are you Ready to Join

Here's how to get started!

Fill out the form and get ready for a personal text from me once the app is live! 

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