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Every business owner has a unique story, and we want to share yours! 
Pretty Simple Tech is a company founded by two solopreneurs: Monty Morgan & Sharon Gutierrez. He is a full-time website developer and she is a marketing consultant and motivational speaker. We both use Pretty Simple but in slightly different ways. He tracks projects and she tracks potential speaking engagements, grants, and clients. 
We want to know, how do YOU use Pretty Simple? Submit a video like the one below, answer 5 questions, and we’ll edit the video and promote it on our social channels sending people to YOUR website! 
Pretty Simple App

How To Set Up For Video: 

  1. A Steady Camera: Use a tripod (or books!) and set up your phone in landscape mode. 
  2. Lots Of Lighting: Make sure you have light shining on you from in front of you, not behind you. You can use a window, a ring light, or any other light you can find. 
  3. Read The Prompts: Read each question aloud and then answer the question when recording. “What does being a solopreneur mean to me? Being a solopreneur means…” You don’t need to write a script for yourself. We’ve found the first answer that comes to mind is the most genuine! 
  4. Don’t Stress: Don’t worry about it being perfect! If you stumble, just pause speaking for a moment and restart the sentence or thought. That’s why we use editors! 

Steps To Submit: 

  1. Write down the questions. 
  2. Record the video — total it will probably be between 2 and 5 minutes. 
  3. Upload your video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any cloud-based storage so you can share the link with us! 
  4. Fill out the form on this page and then we’ll let you know when we are done editing and will send you a copy! 


  1. What is your name and what do you do? Tell us briefly about your business? 
  2. What does being a solopreneur mean to you? 
  3. How did you track leads before pretty simple? (Memory? Sticky notes? CRM?) 
  4. How do YOU use Pretty Simple? 
  5. What is your favorite part of Pretty simple? 
  6. What would you say to someone thinking about using Pretty Simple? 
  7. What is a success story with Pretty Simple?