How Accountability Partners Are The Secret To Success

How Accountability Partners Are The Secret To Success

Congratulations! You decided to do a thing… if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be reading an article on accountability. Accountability is just the idea of taking responsibility for your actions but guess what? The road to success is long, lonely, and filled with long-term consistency. Whether success is simply living a healthy lifestyle or building a multi-six figure company, both are going to require doing things you don’t necessarily want to do. Here is where an accountability partner, or partners, comes into play. 

If I tell someone about my goal, and they have permission to ask me about it, I am about 99% more likely to finish the task or series of tasks just because I know someone else knows. Human beings are beautiful like that, we will often show up in a completely different way when being observed OR when someone else’s interest is at stake. Let’s talk about some specific examples and then dive into the mindset behind them. 

Example #1: Writing This Blog 

I have 5 more blogs left to write this week for Pretty Simple, The Motivational Leads Tracking App, and honestly, I am pretty over it. I’ve already written more than I care to think about and sitting still for this long is not on my top list of things I want to do on a Saturday. Will I get them done? Yes. If left to my own devices, I might spread out over two days and instead of just getting through it, I might procrastinate and spend my leisure time still low key stressed about what I know I “should” be doing… So what did I do? I got on my Instagram Stories and let my audience know I had to get this done. I’ll update them later on my accomplishment and even celebrate with them! 

Example #2: Working Out 

Whether you prefer to work out alone or in a group, having accountability has proven to increase success rates by sticking to a plan again and again. I do enjoy working out solo and on my schedule, but setting a common goal with others makes it much more enjoyable! I’ve texted a friend that I am hitting a new record by running for 1 hour straight for short-term, one-time accountability. For longer-term accountability, I’ll do longer goals like my 50-Day workout program that I am doing with some friends online. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about accountability partners: 

Q: When do you need accountability partners? 

A: When you are trying to accomplish something short-term or long term that you are struggling with following through with. Accountability partners shouldn’t be a crutch so that you won’t do anything for yourself, but as some extra support as you build new habits in tackling things that are overwhelming or unpleasant. 

Q: How do you find an accountability partner? 

A: While it depends on your goal there are lots of places to find accountability partners! Your friend group, business acquaintances, social media followers or you can even ask for accountability partners in Facebook Groups! 

Q: How do you know if someone is going to be a good accountability partner? 

A: When it comes to accountability, I often look for someone who has a high level of follow-through in different areas of their life, similar to myself. I have a high level of self-discipline, and it’s important to me personally that the other person does, or else it will feel like I am ‘carrying’ the other person to the goal. Ideally, you will both have strengths and weaknesses that compliment one another. One of my top accountability partners is much more laid back than I am and challenges me to take more time off and enjoy life a little bit more, while I encourage him to get through the work springs and high work-week hours that come when taking on bigger projects. You won’t truly know until you try. 

Q: Do you need more than one accountability partner? 

A: Sure! I have accountable friends and partners for different areas of my life. Sales, working out, getting out of my comfort zone with work projects are my main focuses. 

Q: Do accountability partnerships need to be formal? 

A: The short answer is it depends. The most important aspect is that there is a conversation establishing the parameters of the relationship. What is the goal that is being accomplished, how often are check-ins, what will happen if one person consistently doesn’t follow through, and for how long do you expect to hold each other accountable in this area? I have one client who reached out to another client for accountability to take a course. After 3 weeks, the woman who initiated the calls had fulfilled each week’s homework and the other person had not and even no-showed during the third call. I encouraged my client to terminate the accountability part of their relationship versus trying to force it. They did not match up in core values, as discussed above, so one person felt like they were ‘carrying’ the relationship. This is why having the conversation about clear parameters, in the beginning, is important. 

Q: How are accountability partners the secret to success? 

A: One of the many secrets to success is simple consistency. Steps are taken over time to become miles. Being consistent in the right areas, the areas that are going to move your business or life forward in the direction you want to go, and having someone to go on that journey with you make it not only more likely to happen but also more enjoyable. Having someone who knows the journey you are on and provides support and even feedback allows us to adjust and grow more rapidly than if we were on our own 

Good luck with your journey, and if you need more accountability with sales, download Pretty Simple today

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