3 Ways Coaches Can Get Leads For Their Business

3 Ways Coaches Can Get Leads For Their Business

You are a coach. Life coach. Health coach. Budget coach. Credit coach. Marketing coach. Nutrition coach. Business coach. 

You are amazing with people and have a keen insight into human behavior. You help people move forward in their life and business, and you are probably pretty good at it. The question is, how do you get new clients? 

I’ve spent well over a decade working with small businesses, including gyms, attorneys, chiropractors, retail shops, restaurants, social media agencies, insurance agents, and more. Here are my top 3 ways for coaches to get new clients: 

#1. Get Clients From Networking 

One of the quickest ways to get clients is to hit the pavement. Get out there and meet your ideal clients. If you are a business coach, look for networking events for business owners in your area or if the event is virtual it can be anywhere all over the world. 

When you attend an event, be able to introduce yourself clearly and talk about how you make your client’s life and businesses better. Don’t aggressively sell yourself, but start building real connections with people who know, like, and trust you. 

Very often you will either meet people who are potential clients who will know they need your services, or later they will pass your name onto someone who might hire you. 

#2. Get Referrals From Current Clients 

Often one of the most forgotten ways of generating leads, your current, and past clients. These are the people who not only best understand what you do but they were willing to put money behind that and hire you. Most people don’t even think about passing referrals — so it’s important you don’t forget to simply ask. The best time to ask for referrals, or testimonials, is after a big win during the coaching relationship or during other milestone moments. 

Some ideas of ‘milestone’ moments are when you launch a new program, it’s the holidays, you launch a new website or branding, or something similar. 

#3. Use Attraction Marketing To Get Clients 

This is by far my favorite method for getting new clients. Attraction marketing is providing value to your ideal client before asking them to buy. There are many different ways to do this, but it is especially powerful for small businesses as it can be cost-friendly, although time-consuming. 

Creating content is probably the easiest way to implement attraction marketing which could include creating videos for social media and YouTube, writing blogs (like this one!), creating free webinars and masterclasses, and even just providing value through social media posts.

A quick tip for content ideas is to look at some of your current clients, or ideal clients, and see what else they are interested in and think outside of the box! If you are a business coach, provide productivity types or work-life balance. If you are a health coach, you can provide recipes for busy moms. Relationship coaches can provide dating tips, ideas, and even stories for inspiration! 

Don’t forget to track your leads!

If you are using any of these methods, you’ll get leads from several different places. I often get leads from Instagram, Facebook, email and referrals. You can keep track of your leads manually, or use Pretty Simple for iOS

Good luck in growing your business!

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