How Can Personal Trainers Generate and Track Leads

How Can Personal Trainers Generate and Track Leads

One of my favorite clients in my marketing coaching career was a personal trainer. When we started he was training out of the gym at his apartment building. Hitting $10k months was an initial goal. Two short years later and he was renovating not his first, but second location! Here are three of the ways he generated leads. 

Attraction Marketing

Creating consistent informative social media posts on his top two platforms was everything! Showing up very authentically allowed him to attract his ideal clients, which often ended up being those who were intimidated by a typical gym setting but were also super consistent and coachable. 

Social Media Ads

For any business, running ads for $50 to $150 is enough for most business owners to get started. I highly recommend running at least one ad per week promoting your content to your ideal client and then also running ads directly to your website. If your website isn’t optimized for leads though, I would hold off and start with that. 

Next Door App

Using the Next Door app is everything for certain industries, and personal training and small gyms are an amazing industry for the app! You don’t even have to run ads here, just ask your clients to post and recommend you and you are sure to get referrals! 

How To Track Leads For Personal Trainers 

This particular client used the Pretty Simple App when it was in Beta to track leads. This is when there were NO push notifications, so he had to build this process into his schedule. Here are some of the best practices for following up and tracking leads: 

  1. Set a time each day to work on sales and leads. This is some of the best business advice I could give to anyone who owns their own business. Set aside some time, even if it is 30 minutes, and focus on your pipeline. Growing it, tracking it, following up, and closing deals!
  2. Assigning an average 3-month value: For this particular gym owner, there was an approximately $200 value 30-Day trial, but with a closing rate over 80% it would not have made sense for him to assign a $200 value to each client. That was only for the first month of the client and is not particularly motivating. What he did was calculate the average 3-month value of a client, which I’ll make up a number here, let’s say “$1,500” and use those numbers which were more accurate. This means that, instead of showing $1,000 when you have 5 (5 x $200) clients in your pipeline, it showed $7,500 (5 x $1,500).
  3. Follow up quickly. Depending on your industry, there are different requirements for how long you should take to respond, but ultimately, once someone reaches out, they are wanting to purchase and make a decision and you are not the only person they reached out to. Follow up the same day and ideally within a few hours (or minutes if possible!). Make it clear that wherever they are inquiring, whether on a website form or on voicemail, how long it will take you to follow up with them.
  4. Follow up more than once. I would recommend following up 3x without an answer, but not in consecutive days. If there is no answer, I would say the same day of the inquiry, 3 days later, and one week later. If they do respond, respect their window of response. If they ask to talk the next week, set a day and time. If they want to talk a few months from now, use our app to notify you when they said they would be ready.

Whether you are a personal trainer or gamer owner, thinking about generating or tracking leads, I hope this article was helpful to you!

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