How Does A Leads Tracker App Motivate, Exactly?

How Does A Leads Tracker App Motivate

My name is Sharon Gutierrez, and I am the co-founder of Pretty Simple: The Leads Tracker App That Motivates. Let’s break this down, shall we? 

What is motivation? 

In the most basic sense, it is the reason for us to do something. It can come from something external, like your boss telling you to do something. It can come from internal, as your core values compel you to make time with your family a priority. It’s an incredibly in-depth topic and can be fairly complex, but for today we are going to keep it pretty simple. 

What are you NOT motivated to do? 

I have found in the last decade or more, that many if not most entrepreneurs, especially in the beginning years of business, actively avoid sales in their business. Making money is something that has to happen for a business to succeed, even if you are a nonprofit, but many people simply do not make it a priority, myself included. 

 Some of the reasons identified, in no particular order: 

  • There are fires to put out 
  • Delivering for current clients feels more important than getting new clients 
  • Money is an uncomfortable subject to think about or take action on 
  • Sales is an uncomfortable subject to think about or take action on 
  • Confidence in your product 
  • Confidence in your service 
  • Confidence in your sales conversation 
  • Not wanting to ‘bother’ potential clients 
  • Not enjoying putting together proposals 

and the list goes on. 

The issue, regardless of the reason, is that if we actively avoid sales we are avoiding growing our business. Your business cannot prosper without sales. 

How does Pretty Simple address these blocks? 

Pretty Simple addresses these blocks in several ways. 

First, by simply downloading the app, you are acknowledging that sales are an important part of your business. If you made it so far as to download the app, you are showing yourself the commitment to putting more energy into this area of your business. Deciding to take action in an area of your business is a powerful motivator in itself.

Secondly, as you load in your leads and potential clients, you are forced to fill out a potential value for each client. This causes you to use your cognitive thinking and really evaluate the value of your client, which in turn, makes you consider the value of your service. You might enter the original value for one of your entry priced offers, or you may choose to use the average sale. Either way, you are acknowledging the potential value of the client. 

Third, there is a ‘report’ section in the Pretty Simple app that shows “money on the table” — this is the sum of all of your leads, categorized in a pie chart by cold, warm or hot. I have yet to meet someone who wasn’t motivated to take action when seeing how much money was on the table! 

Fourth, we have integrated encouraging messages throughout the app and push notifications to remind you to keep your eyes on the prize! You might not be motivated by money in itself, but when you realize that by getting one client you are sharing your gift with the world. By making more money, you are showing that you are worth it and deserving of making money. You are freeing up your time and energy to give back to the community in a way that is signed for you… these are all fueled by closing those leads. 

Those are the basic reasons Pretty Simple became the Leads Tracking App that Motivates

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